Bulgarian Cuisine

Just like the culture, Bulgarian cuisine is a mixture between eastern, Asian and western cuisine traditions. In the time of your stay, you should not miss the opportunity to try out the local speciallities liке Bulgarian Yogurt and White Cheese.

pic15 Its made from mostly from Cow milk and although it may look like the Greek feta cheese, the taste is unique.

The Famous Shopska salad is made from Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Onions and Cucumbers

It is considered to be a matter of bad taste to drink the local Alcoholic Beverages like Rakia and Mastika without a salad.


Rakia is made from all types of fermented fruits, but mostly plums, apricots and grapes. The Mastika is to be drunk ice cool (the liquid crystallizes when cool). It is made with anise flavor and is similar to Greek Ouzo, but is a lot stronger. In fact, Mastika is the strongest alcoholic beverage on the market in Bulgaria, and one should drink it responsibly.

Оne of the unique non-alcoholic beverages of Bulgaria is the Boza. Its made frome fermented wheat and has a mild sweet taste, slightly acidic taste. Many foreigners don`t like it when they try it, especially if they expect a chocolate taste. Boza is to be drunk while eating a Banitsa. The two combined together are the favorite fastfood breakfast of Bulgarians in the last few hundred years.

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The Banitsa has many variations, but is usually made from a few bread layers, white or yellow cheese and eggs.

Some other must-try dishes and soups are Tarator – a cold soup made from Bulgarian Yogurt, Cucumbers, dill and garlic. TaratorBgIt is a very popular dish and is prepared in every restaurant. You may find similar dishesh in Greece (Tsatsiki), Macedonia and Turkey, but still they are made in a different way.


The Balkans are the only place in Europe where you can find a 2 liter bottle of beer in every store. Its big, its plastic and perfect for your party. Most Bulgarian  hippies and rockers in summer prefer outdoor parties with one of these in local parks.

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