Socialist Monuments of Bulgaria

Monument of the Soviet Army in Sofia

While the past is long forgotten and life with European values and democracy goes on, the remains of Socialism are here and they are big, concrete Monoliths and Monuments. Most of them are alike, and their size is such so they would be impressive.

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Except for tourist attractions, they have a few other uses – like for a nice place to drink a beer, street art or skating.

img_1066The Monument of Shumen (the one up on the hill) is the largest monument in Europe. Inside it  are many sculptures of Bulgarian Kings, each of them about 10 meters tall and one of the largest outdoor mosaic  in Europe. Walking to it is a 1300 steps exhausting walk up the hill or 1.50-2 euro with a taxi cab.



The most Famous monument along travelers is the Communist Party Headquarters at Buzluja peak in Stara Planina.


Тhis one is also a long way up the hill, but once you get there, the view is amazing!



The Guerilla monument near Balvan, Veliko Turnovo

The Guerilla monument near Balvan, Veliko Turnovo


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