Coral Beach

This is one of the finest beaches of Bulgaria. You can there with a bus from Burgas to Lozenets.(Costs about 3 euro, at the bus station) or by a quick Hitchike south.

Overview of Coral Beach

Overview of Coral Beach


Coral Beach has Beautiful Dunes


Camping at the Beach

The beach at Coral used to be a wild camp site and a nice place for nudists. Free camping there is still possible but only if you find a free place for your tent in the forest (more possible in weekdays than in weekends).


Except for the fee camping in the forest, here you can camp T Kum Kashla Camping which is right next to the beach. They have a bar and a store with most everyday things one may need like food, soap, cigarettes and beer, and a snack bar. There is free WiFi for people who camp in the place.

Prices are like this:

Putting up your tent there will cost about 4-5 euro , while a bungalow with a fridge, TV and a personal bathroom will Cost about 15 euro for two people and 2o euro for 3 people.

Sign of camp Kum Kashla written in Cyrilyc

Sign of camp Kum Kashla written in Cyrilyc

Here there`s a few Horse Riding schools,  also close the beach is Lozenets`s Disco.

Since this place is wilder than most resorts, it is no problem to gather some wood from the forest andlite up a nice camp fire.

A lot of hippies and rockers, etc, young people, go there and party is guaranteed.

The Bar at Camp Kum Kashla.

The Bar at Camp Kum Kashla.

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