Shumen Monument w

A view From the center of Shumen with two of the symbolic Monuments.

Shumen is located just 90 km from Varna and 105 km on the speedway from Ruse.
Its one of the must-stops along the way with more than a few places to visit.

The city is quite small, with a few parks and a nice main street with shops and cafes.

Shumen is famous for having the largest monument in Europe built on the top of the Plateau.

Going up to the monument of the city is one of the challenges of the town. It was built in 1981 for an aniversary of 1300 years since the foundation of Bulgaria and the way up is on 1300 steps. Its so big Its an exhausting esxcersice and

On the way to the Shumen Monument

On the way to the Shumen Monument

Shumen is a province city and does not offer much when it comes to clubs and bars. Also you wont find any Hostels in here. You can check the accommodations page for Family hotels or our guide to camping for a free night out.

Shumen City Center

Shumen City Center

Along the points of interest may be  – Tombul Mosque – it is the largest muslim temple in Europe (excluding turkey). It is functional but tourists visits are allowed. 

From here on near the city is the famous Madara Rider rock relief, the ruins of the two medieval capitals of Bulgaria – Pliska and Preslav.




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