Kisimovi Dupki Wetland Camp

Situated just 30 km North-East from of Plovdiv, right next to Belozem city, this is a place for relaxation and peace.

Kisimovi Dupki Camp

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The place is designed for activities like nature exploration, fishing and photography. In the Kissimovi Dupki wetlands you will also encounter a wide variety of rare and even endangered Animals and plants including  Nymphaea alba, also known as the European White Waterlily or White Lotus and more than a dozen endangered bird and animal species.

The camp offers free Wi-Fi, Electricity and a Bathroom for campers with Tents and Trailers. There is also an option for renting a room.

Kisimovi Dupki Camp

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Contact details: You can get more info about the camp at their email address and website (in bulgarian, but readable with google translate


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