I have traveled a lot in Bulgaria and I’ve met a lot of people from all over the world along the way. I noticed that people often pass by the coolest places they could visit on the way, because they’re not listed in the official guides or often have trouble with public transport because of the language barrier. Others overpay for hostels and hotels, when there’s wonderful places to camp for free around.

That’s how I got the idea of creating this website – a guide that will help all backpackers from abroad to travel safe and cheap in Bulgaria and also tell about the awesome places you can find along the way.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in cooperation with me or if you need help with anything related to your travels in Bulgaria! 

E-mail@ Vikvasilev at yahoo dot com


More about me: 

I’m a Freelance translator, currently living in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. I’m interested in Photography, Filmmaking and anything Travel and Urbex related.

Check out some of my other projects:

Photography: The Freedom Gallery 

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