Culture Shock

Bulgaria may be in the hearth of Europe, but has been a land of cultural heavy interference for a long time. It is a place where many cultures mix, where the west and the east meet.
Starting with the creation of the country in the 6th century when the Bulgars came from central Asia and met the southern Slavic peoples at the Balkans, there are later influences from Byzantium, the Ottoman empire and the even of the Soviet union – with all that the unique culture of Bulgaria was formed.
So there is really a lot to see and experience.

When comes to nature ” the balkans offer a lot,

The Socialist Monuments

Many people ask: is Bulgaria a country that is western oriented. Yeah, sure, off course!!. The Soviet past is long forgotten but you will find many Socialist Monuments and Moniliths all round. They are big, mostly made of concrete and quite often have lots of grafitti on them.
The the most famous is the UFO – or the headquarters of Socialist party at Buzluja peak.

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Exotic Food and Beverages

Just like the culture, Bulgarian cuisine is a mixture between eastern, Asian and western cuisine traditions. In the time of your stay, you should not miss the opportunity to try out the local speciallities liке Bulgarian Yogurt, White Cheese.

The Famous Shopska salad is made from Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Onions and Cucumbers

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As you are looking for a bar or a night club you may encounter Chalga.
This is an oriental type of music, just like Romanian Manele.
Most people consider it a bad taste in music.

The Cyrillic Alphabet

A friend of mine had the following problem. She never knew which is mens and which is the women bathroom.
When you see the М and Ж in cyrilyc, you should know that Ж (she called. it the funny X) is for Zhena, woman, and M is for Man

Signs in Cyrillic on a Snack Bar

Signs in Cyrillic on a Snack Bar

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